Mini-football Tournament to Help "Solar" Children

On April 26th, the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Down Syndrome," will hold the 5th charity mini-football tournament "Cup of Open Hearts" among a group of corporate teams.

The main goal of the tournament is to help children with Down syndrome. Last year, the tournament raised 121,000 hryvnia, which were used to promote educational programs for "solar" children.

"We promise good football, professional refereeing, a wonderful football field, enthusiastic fans, a program for spectators and great atmosphere,” said the Serhiy Kuryanov, the president of Down Syndrome. “We invite teams from enterprises and organizations to join our charity tournament and give special children an opportunity to develop and learn.”

The charitable contributions, which are paid by the teams for participation, are partly to cover the expenses of the tournament, but mostly to help families who are raising children with Down syndrome and seeking help in the Early Learning Center. This covers informational and psychological support for these children, the initial consultation, support groups, support for families, complex diagnostics, speech therapists, psychologists, etc.

As of today, there are nine corporate and organizational teams registered in the tournament and one parent team.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is developing a medical protocol for people with Down syndrome. This is a single doctrine that will work so that all persons with Down syndrome can have the proper medical support. There is no systematic model of support and professional help for such people and their families in Ukraine.

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