In Crimea investigators blackmailed participant of the “February 26” rally to testify against Chiygoz

Today, in the Russian-controlled Supreme Court of Crimea Mustafa Dehermendzhi, defendant in the “February 26 case”, stated that he was pressured by the investigators and they demanded from him to testify against Ahtem Chiygoz, Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

As reported by reporter of the Human Rights Information Centre.

According to Dehermendzhi, he was constantly threatened by one investigator that he will be imprisoned and another “sympathized with him” and advised to give the testimony that they needed.

According to the defendant, he refused to do so, because he did not know Chiygoz at the time of events of February 26, 2014.

“I decided that my honor is more precious than freedom”, - said Mustafa Dehermendzhi.

He also added that he was offered to admit his guilt in exchange for changing the measure of restraint – to release under the guarantee of Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Crimean Muslims. However, Dehermendzhi denied his guilt, since he did not commit any illegal actions that day.

As a reminder, on February 26, 2014, a rally of supporters and opponents of Ukraine’s unity happened in front of the Crimean parliament. The emergence of aggressive representatives of the pro-Russian activists provoked a series of small fights and clashes resulting in deaths of two people and injuries of dozens.

After the annexation of Crimea, Russian law enforcement authorities have initiated a criminal against the participants of the pro-Ukrainian rally.

At present, two were convicted and another six Crimean Tatars are under judicial investigation, including Ahtem Chiygoz, the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People.

On February 24, International Expert Panel stated that Russia has no right to investigate the events, which happened in front of the Crimean parliament. They called the investigation in Crimea as politically motivated and encouraged the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities to investigate the events of that day.

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