The so-called “LNR” court sentenced blogger Nedeliayev to 14 years of imprisonment

On July 28, the so-called “Military court of the “LNR” (Luhansk People’s Republic) sentenced blogger Eduard Nedeliayev (Edward Ned) to imprisonment for a term of 14 years.

As reported by the website with reference to its own sources.

A quote from the verdict: “By using social networks and messengers Nedeliayev has been spreading negative information about the inhabitants of the LNR, which humiliates the honor and dignity of citizens and tried to kindle hatred and enmity towards the Russian nation. In addition, he was supplying representatives of foreign Intelligence agencies with data that could harm our State with the aim of undermining our national security.

The verdict is supported by representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the LNR, the prosecution party agrees with the verdict, the General Prosecutor’s Office does not provide grounds for an appeal”.

As a reminder, blogger Eduard Nedeliayev (Edward Ned) disappeared in Luhansk on November 21. Later it became known that he was detained by the militants of the “Ministry of State Security of the LNR”. Nedeliayev wrote about the life of the city. Subsequently, Russian television channel has published a video of the blogger’s detention.

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