In Dzerzhinsk, Roma not allowed into Bomb Shelters

The Dzerzhinsk Roma community has complained about discrimination. Large families are denied entrance to bomb shelters by local residents and ambulances refuse to respond to calls from the Roma encampment.

This was discussed in a meeting of Roma leaders along with representatives of relevant public institutions and organizations in the area of Dzerzhinsk in the Donetsk region.

They discussed issues such as the alerting their people of incoming danger, information on emergency preparedness, evacuation and dispersal, health concerns, and education for their people about civil security and protection during emergency situations.

The meeting was also concerned with the behavior and culture of the locals in bomb shelters regarding Roma children and families during the hostilities. Even there, Roma are faced with direct discrimination.

In particular, according to the testimony of the Roma, the locals do not let their families into bomb shelters or kick them out. Families with children are under fire and forced to hide in unsuitable conditions.

Roma complain that there are no appropriate institutions that could shelter Roma families who have many children. Ambulances often do not want to answer calls into the Roma camp, doctors refuse to take Roma patients, and they have to get to the hospital on their own.

Mothers complain that their children are having issues with sleeping. They are reacting to the sounds of shells with crying and hysterics (in the camp, there is very strong echo from all sides - from Novhorodske, Artemivsk, and Horlivka, and also there has been fire from grenade launchers 100 meters from the camp). Children do not go to school because of shelling. 

The Roma community hopes that the authorities will listen to them and offer the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills regarding the safe behavior of the family during the armed hostilities.

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