Woman injured in Marinka as a result of shelling

Local resident of Marinka was injured, with a shrapnel wound to her  head, during the shelling of the illegal armed group of Donetsk

As reported by the Department of the National Police of Donetsk region.

“Woman was in the yard of a private house on the Telman Street when the shell exploded. She was hospitalized to the hospital in Kurakhove with a shrapnel wound to her head” – as stated in the department.

Law enforcement officers have qualified the crime as “an act of terrorism”.

On the Monday General Prosecutor’s Office stated that they defined the shelling of Avdiivka as a terrorist act.

Law enforcement officers reported that three civilians of Avdiivka received mine-blast injuries and multiple shrapnel wounds to various parts of the body.

As a reminder, in the morning of January 29, the illegal armed group of Donetsk began the assault in the area near the industrial zone of Avdiivka, in order to capture the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As reported by the Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth) publication, illegal armed group of Donetsk fired 1578 rounds of ammunition on the positions of ATO forces over the last 2.5 days in Avdiivka area. As a result of these attacks 7 soldiers of the  Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed and 24 soldiers were injured.

Ukraine will complement the claim in the International Court of Justice of the United Nations with information about the shelling in Avdiivka.

As a reminder, in the morning of January 20, militants fired at the civilian bus near the Olenivka settlement, which is currently uncontrolled by the government of Ukraine. Woman, who is a local resident, was injured.

On January 9, the body of a girl was brought to Krasnohorivka. It is likely that she was killed on January 5 on the territory controlled by Ukraine as a result of mortar attack of illegal militias of Donetsk.

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