Local “self defense” organization has brutally beaten two residents of Scholkine (video)

Representatives of the illegal “Self Defense of Crimea” organization have fiercely beaten two local residents of Scholkine settlement in occupied Crimea.

This was stated by Crimean Human Rights Group, citing local web-site “Primyechaniya”.

The publication notes that all the fault of the victims of the “self defense” organization was that people were intoxicated and refused to go to the police.

User Sergey Yakovenko posted the photos of the conflict in “Information and entertainment portal of Lenine village” group on a “Odnoklassniki” social network.

“Some of the guys were drunk and members of militia in a peculiar way explained that they need to go to the police. Militiamen had no apparent signs of a beating, whileone of the locals have more than 6 stitches on his face and 4 on his head and other one had a torn mouth stitches were already applied etc. Both guys and militiamen underwent forensic examination yesterday. Situation keeps unfolding, locals filed a police report about the attack and beatings by militiamen”, said Yakovenko.

Publication also released a video from Youtube.

On the video can be seen and heard the arrival of the police who despite a puddle of blood refuse to prosecute militiamen. According to the comments militiamen are also residents of Scholkine village, but the “self defense” department is “registered” in the neighboring regional centre Lenine.

“Have I taken the militiaman away from you? Have I? What else do you need”, repeatedly said one of the policeman to the bleeding man.

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