Crimean Tatar activist deported from occupied Crimea to Uzbekistan

Coordinator of Resistance Movement of Crimean Tatars organization Nedim Khalilov will be deported from the occupied Crimea pursuant to the local court’s ruling.

Head of the CEC of Crimean Tatars’ Kurultai Zair Smedlyayev posted this on his Facebook page.

"November 7, another deportation from Crimea happened! The court ruled to deport Nedim Khalilov from Crimea and place him in the filtration camp, where he is to be deported to Uzbekistan from," Smedlyayev wrote.

He also stressed that the ruling of the court in the occupied Crimea is a spectacular example of the attitude to Crimean Tatars.

In February 2016, Nedim Khalilov filed a petition to the "central court" Simferopol in which he asked to recognize the actions of the Russian de facto authorities and of Russian President Vladimir Putin as unlawful and illegal.

During the court hearing, Khalilov asked to grant special status to Crimean Tatar people and recognize them as indigenous people of Crimea.

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